Why Hire a Dog Trainer?

How it Works

My goal is to help you develop the relationship you want with your dog.  You decide what you want / need to work on.  We can start from scratch or I can help refine what you already have.  If you’ve already done obedience training, but are struggling with unwanted behavior, I will develop a treatment plan specific to your needs.

Where we work depends on your goals.  If the dog is well behaved at home but troublesome in public, we will work in public.  If he is perfect in public, but destructive at home, we will work at home.  Training can be done privately, semi-privately (2-3 clients at same time) or in a group.  We can work at Happy Place Park, your location or in a group class at the Key Largo Lions Club. For the health and safety of all animals involved, clients are required to:

    • provide a current vet and vaccine form (including Bordetella) or comparable vet certificate
    • Provide sufficient evidence of flea/tick prevention (see section on What is sufficient flea and tic prevention)
    • Sign a training agreement.

    Once I have the aforementioned up-to-date information on file, you may participate in group classes.   Please call prior to attending your first class to ensure I have received all of your information.

    To join group classes, simply add your name to the sign-up sheet. Just click the “calendar” tab above, then click the class date to open the sign-up sheet and add your name up to 24 hours before class starts. You may drop in without being signed up (if all forms are on file and current), but you run the risk if being denied if the class is full. If you forget to sign up 24 hours ahead, please call. There may still be room.

    The trainer will focus attention to each dog/owner pair for a combined total of approximately 20 minutes per class.  During this time you will receive instructions, a demonstration, then you will practice and get feedback and tips. Once you receive instructions and practice under supervision, you will have the tools to practice at home. Your training happens in class, your dog’s training happens as you practice at home.  This program is designed to accommodate a tight schedule. But if you would like to come early or stay late to practice and observe others, you are more than welcome.

    Payment is due before you leave class.  Cash or local checks are the only form of payment I am able to accept.  For the sake of keeping things very simple, there are not currently any special rates or incentives.

    Unlike most training programs, you will not be required to adhere to a strict 6-8 week program. Due to the casual structure of the class, you will not receive a ‘diploma’ at the end of a 6-8 week course, like many other training programs.  You will not be expected to be at the same level of training as anyone else.  I prefer this structure because we all have time and lifestyle constraints.  Those constraints may impact your ability to practice and attend class.  This avoids anyone feeling left behind or punished because life got in the way.  Additionally, your dogs are not robots.  Some will need more time than others for a variety of reasons.

    If you want or need a trainer signed obedience graduation certificate, please let me know and I will be happy to provide one upon completion of graduation requirements.

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